Why Join Us?

Educated. Technically knowledgeable. Mobile On-the-Go. Generation X and Y are the biggest pool of sellers and buyers today. By 2020, Millennials will make up at any rate half of the American workforce, and over 90% will need to purchase homes. Your clients today and tomorrow have elevated standards for your insight, exchange aptitudes, business acumen and correspondence style. To stay ahead, and grow a rewarding real estate career, partner with the right brand, technology innovation, marketing showcasing and a broker that support you all the way through.

Agent focus, business driven and increase compensation are among the top components while choosing a brand, culture and brokerage for both experienced and new agents. The future of your profession requires an organization with a solid establishment alongside a passion for progress. You need a total package of support including customer driven marketing & promoting, advanced technology innovation, automated CRM and a teamwork culture.

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Compare The Numbers

National Listing Syndication and Traffic Reports  ✓ $129 and up annually
DocuSign Transaction Management & eSignature  ✓ $360 and up annually
Property & Agent Promotion Design Center  ✓ $1,200 annually
Client Prospecting Campaign System  ✓ $299 and up annually
Email Marketing System  ✓ $264 and up annually
Listing & Buyer Presentation Builder  ✓ $349 and up annually
Buyer & Seller Leads  ✓ Up to a 40% referral fee  per lead*
Website Design & Hosting  ✓ $1,487 annually
Single Property Websites  ✓ $48 annually
Virtual Tours  ✓ $399 annually
Ongoing Training & Education  ✓ $197 and up annually
National Open House Syndication  ✓ Most companies don’t offer this
Sign Rider Text Messaging & QR Code System  ✓ $2,399 annually
Personal Collateral Branding Center  ✓ Most companies don’t offer this
Updater – Relocation & Address Changing System  ✓ $149 annually
Reach150 – Unlimited Recommendations & Referrals  ✓ $360 annually
Total Yearly Costs Included $17,640


*Competition yearly costs are based on average industry pricing for comparable products and services subject to change at any time and are not guaranteed. Competition buyer and seller lead costs are calculated using four closed transactions provided by the company with an average list price of $400,000 with a 2.5% commission per side and a 25% referral fee.